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What is Fort Ad Pays?
We are an online marketing business on which our members can advertise their referral links for another business. We also offer a profit return on each Ad Credit Pack purchased.

How much does it cost to purchase Ad Credit Pack?
Our pack costs $1 and returns $2.20. The maturity time of the shares is variable. Repurchase is 50%. Sometimes we can have special packs and we will inform in members page.

Where can members find their personal referral links?
Members will find their Fort Ad Pays referral link in the member’s main area, plus along with a variety of banners on the 'Promo Tools' page located in the same place.
However, members will earn a lot more if they sponsor new members.
We pay 21% in 10 levels (8% level 1, 4% level 2, 2% level 3, 1% level 4 to 10, 1%) for Ad Credit Pack.

What payment processors do we accept?
Actually we use Payza, Perfect money and 2pay4you.

What is the minimum & maximum withdrawal amount?
Members can request a maximum withdrawal from $10 to $800 every day until 4 times per day.

How often do we process profit-share?
Profit-Share is distributed to all relevant positions every 30 minutes.

When Can I Withdraw?
You can withdraw every day from Monday to Friday.
 All withdraw will be processed normally within hours to 24/72 hours (except week-ends).

I'm broke, can I stay a free member? Can I sponsor?
Yes you can start as a free member and take profit up to 21% in 10 levels from each referrals purchase.

What is the minimum withdrawal and the minimum deposit?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. The minimum deposit amount is $10.

Earn up to 0.005$ per click

One Share Cost :     $ 1.00
Maturity Amount :     $ 2.20
Re-Purchase / Compound Strategy :     50/50
Surf Banner Credits :     5
Shares : 220% ROI

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FORTADPAYS - Profitable advertising

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