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Mensagem por arias em Seg Mar 22, 2010 12:05 pm


After hardworking weeks, we are now introducing Oes.im Beta Phase.

During the Beta period, you are able to click ads, deposit money into your account, get direct referrals, rent referrals and cashout. However, you are not allowed to upgrade nor can you purchase advertisements at this time.

Good news is that your balances will NOT be reset at full release.

Clicks Value/Ref Clicks Value will be $0.002/$0.002 during Beta and will increase to $0.008/$0.002 at full release.

The minimum cashout is $1.5 for the first cashout, $2 for the second cashout, $3 for the third, and $5 for every cashout after that.
All payments are made using AlertPay and PayPal. Payment is instant unless otherwise stated.

Register : http://www.oes.im/index.php?ref=arias


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